Wren Baptist Church


Sunday School
Sunday School starts at 10:00 AM Sunday Morning. We have several different classes for ages pre school through senior adults.
Our pre school is taught by Kathy, Joyce and Katie.
Our Youth is taught by Billy.
The College and Careers is taught by Terry.
We have three adult classes taught by Roy, Darrell and Mary
The nursery is taken care of by JoAnn and Ann.
Sunday night services start with Training Union at 5:00 PM. We have both Youth and Adult Training. The Adult class is led by Terry. He is teaching the book of Revelations.
Pastor Sanders brings the message at 6:00 PM.
Sunday Night Services
Preaching starts at 11:00 AM. Pastor Sanders delivers a timely message from God to the congregation. Pastor Sanders is known to have the assistance of other men in the church for occasional messages as God lays on their heart.
The Preaching Hour
Bible study for the adults is also led by Pastor Sanders.
We have Wren Builders for the children also on Wednesday nights
Wednesday Night Bible Study